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What is Recycle Mix Concrete®?

Garage foundation slab poured with Recycle Mix Concrete

Garage foundation slab poured with Recycle Mix Concrete®

Carl’s Recycle Mix Concrete® is a registered trademark blend of recycled concrete, taken from demolished roadways and buildings, that has been crushed and and reprocessed. Carl’s brand of Recycle Mix Concrete® is produced in the company’s Santa Rosa industrial space.

As owner Carl Davis notes, Recycle Mix Concrete® is as durable and long lasting as standard concrete. And using recycled concrete to create his Recycle Mix Concrete® product for reuse in concrete pours helps to lower greenhouse gases and produces less polution overall than the process most industrial concrete companies follow to create standard sand and gravel (or Ready Mix) concrete.

The company uses Recycle Mix Concrete® for many residential projects, including foundations, garage slabs, patios, sidewalks, and driveways.

Carl’s Ready Mix also produces and supplies industry-standard Ready Mixed Concrete created from local river aggregate for most of its commercial projects.